10 talent predictions for 2023

The pandemic has driven massive change in thinking and practice. What was evolutionary is now revolutionary. What was far in the future is now.

So what can the talent world expect in 2023?

At ATC2022 in Sydney’s Luna Park, Kevin Wheeler delivered his much anticipated Fearless Forecast for the year ahead. And on 31st January 2023, Kevin joined us via webinar to re-share his presentation to the online talent audience.

Here are Kevin’s top 10 predictions for talent in 2023.

  1. Talent shortages will remain and grow
  2. Remote isn’t as sustainable as people thought it was
  3. Whoever understands & dominates the talent supply chain will win the war for talent
  4. Everyone will be expanding their workforce
  5. Skills will win over jobs
  6. Collaboration between AI & human recruiter will grow stronger
  7. Employer marketing and branding will grow in importance
  8. RPO will continue to grow
  9. Talent intelligence & analytics will become the norm
  10. Augmented reality and generative AI will have a greater impact on TA

The webinar discussion took a much more deep-dive view into a lot of these issues (including the recent layoffs in the tech sector and the growing prominence of ChatGPT in recruitment, just to name a few), we recommend you watch the recording below and take a look at the slides here.

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