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And so we come to another end of year conference run. By now many of you will have inboxes full of invitations to round tables, and meets up and sourcing events (one of which I know will be amazing!). I know that deciding on attending an event requires consideration. You have to weigh up the time away from the office and cost, with what you’ll gain from an event.  For many without the luxury of autonomy over their expenses, this process also requires presenting a case to your manager on the ROI, which is never fun.

In my many years as an event designer and organiser, it’s rare that someone (anyone) is waiting for my email or call and replies with “SHUT UP AND JUST TAKE MY MONEY!

Here at ATC Events, we respect every purchase made, and so it’s very important we understand our clients reasons for buying. The more specific the reason for attending, the better it is for us.   Why?  If we know what you really want, we can satisfy or indeed exceed your expectations.

The considerations

I’ve found that the typical considerations for those in HR, when deciding on attending a conference  (including #SST25 in MelbourneSydney or Auckland ) tend to include whether or not the event will:

  • Increase or enhance the skills of the candidate sourcing team to enable them to provide a higher level of service to the business or their clients;
  • Facilitate the gaining of new skills in the area of candidate engagement, including content development to aid in the attraction of candidates to their organisation;
  • Facilitate the gaining skills that can be readily leveraged across a recruitment team to make it more productive;
  • Assist in re-inventing the recruitment team to make it more market and future oriented;
  • Allow delegates can meet subject matter experts and exchange ideas to develop solutions; and
  • Provide an environment where you can network  with peers and understand what’s happening broadly in the market.


Our promise to you  is that we WILL satisfy the business requirements outlined.


This year’s SST15

Instagram sized SST promo
At this year’s event themed, ART MEETS SCIENCE won’t be bringing you high level intangible strategies and generalised thought leadership sessions; you’ll get tactical, hands on learning with real world examples that are relevant to your challenges.
We’ve developed our agenda as a direct response to the ever changing challenges of talent acquisition in our region; to help you not only source the best talent- using the best tools and tricks in the business- but also ensure you can engage with your candidates and employees for lasting recruitment success. This one day event is jam packed full of High ROI sessions that will give you a competitive advantage will minimal time out of the office.

Our Speakers include


  • Event MC: Bill Boorman, Founder of #tru and proud hat curator
  • Shannon Pritchett, Manager, Global Sourcing & Social Media at ManpowerGroup
  • Chris Hoyt, Partner at CareerXroads and former Director, Global Talent Engagement & Marketing for PepsiCo
  • Elaine Orler, Chairman & Co-Founder, Talent Board
  • Fiona Magnus, Manager, Talent Acquisition, Asciano
  • Michael Jhoomun, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Sportsbet
  • Amie Maxwell, Talent Acquisition Manager at KiwiRail
  • Martin Warren, Director, HCMS & Insidejob 
  • Amy Tea, Associate Director & Head of Research at Sheffield
  • Chris South, Social Recruitment Trainer and Recruitment Marketing Consultant, Prominence 
  • Hamish Price, Client Services Director, HainsAttract
  • and more!


Topics we will cover at #SST15 include:


  • Source Of Hire Versus Experience Of Hire
  • A Blank Canvas: Creating Sourcing Experiments
  • Don’t Let Automation Ruin The Candidate Experience
  • Before The Curve Sourcing & Engagement Tools
  • How Do You Create Memorable Stories to Attract and Engage Talent?
  • Pick up the Phone: The Art of Engagement
  • The Cost of Candidate Resentment vs. Improving Candidate Experience
  • The Science of Sourcing
  • Proving Social Marketing Works

I hope you will join us at this year’s event this novemeber. You can register  now for the event in SydneyMelbourne or Auckland

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