Using Assessment To Improve Your Volume Hiring

Do you grapple with volume recruitment?  How much time do you spend trawling through unsuitable applications? Are you really getting a good culture fit for your organisation?
Our pre-ATC Conference workshop “Turning Assessment into Attraction and Engagement” could be a breath of fresh air.
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Prue Laurence from cut-e Australia, with Inari Saarinen from Sunglass Hut, will share their experience on how they took a very manual volume hiring process, and used a creative assessment framework to:

  • Enhance the Sunglass Hut Brand
  • Enable potential candidates to self-screen for culture fit
  • Change the way the line managers select candidates (no longer relying on ‘retail experience’ in the CV)
  • Improve the quality of hire
  • Reduce time to hire – by reducing the number of unsuitable applications.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  In this interactive and practical workshop Prue and Inari will provide their insights into how to:

  • make assessments part of your attraction strategy
  • use gamification effectively
  • find the most culturally aligned candidates
  • introduce assessments that encourage diversity
  • get real and measurable ROI from your assessments

Don’t forget that if you register before 30th April you can take advantage of our Early Bird rate.
We hope to see you at the workshop.

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