Uh Oh, So You Missed the ATC2015?

Imagine if you missed the ATC2015.  How would it feel?  Project yourself to July this year.  Your network is discussing Mike Bailen and his exploits at Eventbrite and Zappos; whole blog posts are dedicated to Bill Boorman’s hat; you hear snippets about Jonathan Crossfield and his story telling antics; and what exactly did Todd Davis have to say about his role at Amazon?
missed out
You’ve hungrily followed all the comments on your Twitter feed, but you know it’s not the same as being there.  And now your friends and colleagues are using free, vendor logo decorated pens.  You want one.
All you can do is smile and nod, wishing you’d been there.
Don’t be the one who missed out.  Register now for this year’s ATC2015 “Recruitment is Marketing”, Sydney, 24th and 21th June 2015.
Need approval to attend?  You can download a letter to you  manager from the ‘About’ section of our conference page here. 
We hope you can make it!
P.S. If you can’t make it, we may be able to save you a vendor logo pen, but can’t promise

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