Sportsbet’s Secret to Mobilising Talent (interview with Liz Waldock)

Operating in a progressive technology space where the Talent required is usually in short supply and high demand, Sportsbet had to look inwards before they are able to reach out to attract the best people to work for the organisation says Liz Waldock, Head of Talent at Sportsbet.
The Australia’s biggest corporate online bookmaker places a big emphasis on creating a great working environment and offering the right support to help their internal employees flourish. This enables them to build up a strong value proposition that will enable them to attract great external Talent to come work for them.
However, maintaining these standards are not without its challenges as the industry evolves and changes.
Liz will be sharing more about Sportsbet’s Talent journey in today’s highly digital environment during the upcoming ATC2017. But before that, here’s a sneak peek into what she will be talking about at the conference – check it out!
You can also read the transcript of the interview here.

Image: Sportsbet

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