Sharing Thursday – Download Our Top 5 ATC Presentations

Here at the ATC, we feel lucky to be constantly exposed to world class thinking, innovation and individuals who are changing the way HR operates. Often however, fantastic knowledge gets lost among the noise. That’s why we want to share more with you. Over the coming weeks we’ll be giving you content from our global speaker network, to help you improve what you do.
On our first sharing Thursdays, take a look at our top 5 Presentations from the ATC (in no particular order). If you’re looking for culture strategies that break the mould; ideas to prepare for challenges coming down the road; ways you can build a proactive sourcing strategy; using big data to guide your sourcing and advice on how to be a successful recruitment leader, then download these presentations.
Download the presentations here.
Arie Ball, Vice President of Talent Acquisition presented this case study at last year’s ATC.
She discussed how Sodexo, a global leader in Quality of Life Services and one of the world’s largest employers, renowned for its ‘out of the box’ approach to talent acquisition used social media and mobile recruiting strategies to build an innovative recruitment culture. She covered how they built,  implemented and measures a performance-based culture that encourages and rewards innovation and gave tips on how other organisations can learn from Sodexo and instil similar strategies in their recruitment teams.
Kevin Wheeler Founder & Director, Future of Talent Institute –
Improving economies, the dominance of social media, and new technologies are creating a tsunami of change that will make many recruiting skills obsolete in 2015. Learn which ones are losing importance, and get a glimpse of the skills required for the future of this industry. This presentation will leave you with food for thought on the following trends:

  • The rise of social business;
  • Everyone an entrepreneur;
  • Deep, deep knowledge and big data;
  • Co-creativity and innovation; and
  • New definitions of prosperity and health.

19-03-2015 2-00-26 PM
Mas Bianchi, Group Sourcing Manager, Monadelphous Group
Many organisations talk about their culture and work hard to identify it, reinforce it and prevent cultural dilution.
This case study demonstrates how demographic and media channel consumption analysis can provide insights that will help to build creative sourcing strategies and improve recruitment.
19-03-2015 2-04-46 PM
John Vlastelica, Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox
Agile recruitment means working smarter, adapting to the business faster, thinking beyond traditional recruiter approaches, and accurately diagnosing and overcoming the barriers that prevent your hiring managers from getting the talent they need. In this presentation, John Vlastelica explored how successful recruiters and recruiting leaders actually lead and deliver results in an environment that requires us to be more agile and adaptable.
19-03-2015 2-07-09 PM
Glen Cathey, Vice President, Global Sourcing & Talent Strategy, Randstad SourceRight
Glen Cathey’s presentation from #ATC2012 demonstrated how traditional methods of recruitment are naturally subject to unconscious biases, such as what we think a high performer looks, acts and even sounds like.

He demonstrated how big data and predictive analytics can:
-Help you gain advantage over competitors through better talent discovery and
-How data can be harnessed and more effectively leveraged for sourcing, recruiting, and retention.

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