Post Conference Musings And The Journey Ahead

I was going to write a blog on my post conference takeaways, the challenges I see for recruitment in this region, and this that and the other, but I thought instead I’d just share my chat with Bill Boorman where we discusses these very things.

You can listen to all of Bill’s #ATC2015 interviews, from both the Sydney and Auckland events here.
Be sure to also take a look at Stan Rolf’s light hearted reflection on the event here. Props to Stan for trying to incorporate as many vendors into his review!
Bill interviewed Stan about how he used technology he saw at last year’s event -Occulus Rift, and implemented it into Barminco’s hiring process so that new hires could get a real feel for life underground. You can listen to their discussion below.

For those of you who attended the event, thank you again for participation and generosity of your time and knowledge.
Bill may call me the “King” of Australian Recruitment, but I suspect the photo below suggests I’m more “Dame Edna” of Recruitment, than anything else.
I hope to see you at the next event.

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