My Journey To SourceCon (5 hours in: red wine edition)

You can view part one of my journey here.
I’m five hours into my journey, with another ten hours until we touch down in LA. Surprisingly, I’m feeling refreshed. The two glasses of red wine (or was that three?) with dinner have somehow kept me awake, and I’m enveloped by the eerie purplish glow of the cabin. I’m 10,000 meters over Fiji, watching an Irish film, drinking Australian wine, eating Swiss chocolates, on an American built plane: that’s globalization for you.
I can’t stop thinking about this opportunity to present at SourceCon, and how I can continue to challenge what I do. What can offer to my peers that they haven’t seen before? This is either nerves, or indigestion – or both.
In my work as both a recruiting trainer and conference organiser, I’ve been privileged to meet, train and work with some incredibly smart and creative recruitment leaders in both the corporate and agency space. But, compared to the rest of the world, are we pushing the boundaries in sourcing and social recruiting? Are recruitment teams executing the grand and innovative ideas of their leaders, or is that all just hyperbole, that sounds good in a strategic meeting?
Are most recruiters simply content on relying on the norm to find and engage the critical skills their hiring managers are seeking? Do many recruiters live in ignorance, and believe there is an endless supply of talent out there? What is the norm in recruiting, and can you survive doing the basics in the fast paced word of social we now reside in.
Are Australian and New Zealand recruiters prepared to THINK SOURCE differently, or are they scared that it won’t work, and they wont be able to justify the lost time to their hiring managers?
As sourcers and social recruiter, our role is to build capability for our organisations or clients; a unique opportunity to truly make a difference.
What are you prepared to do to THINK SOURCE differently?
If you want to be inspired by the leading minds in our industry, make sure to check out what is going on in the @soucecon #sourceon community and see what they are doing to not only think differently, but put these ideas and strategies into action.
Oh boy, I feel that red wine sleepiness starting to kick in…..
 Learn how you can SOURCE differently by taking the opportunity to attend @ATCEvent #SST2014 in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland and see how your peers THINK SOURCE differently! 

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