My Journey To SourceCon (Part 3- Storms Ahead)

View part one and two of my journey.
Huzzah, I’ve landed in the new world- The Americas! As I scan the arrival hall, inhabited by hundreds of Japanese, Chinese and Korean tourists I feel like a bizarro world Christopher Columbus; in my quest to find America, I have found myself in Asia.
As quickly as I land, I’m off again to Salt Lake City (Sal Tlay Ka Siti for fans of the musical The Book of Mormon), my last stop before Denver. At this point I am the epitome of a weary traveller. Just a crumpled looking human being. I spot Mark Reilly on the flight, also making his way to SourceCon looking equally exhausted.

Denver, will I ever see your face?

As we sit on the tarmac at Salt Lake City International, I feel such relief. I’m but an hour away from Denver, perhaps two from a shower and a real bed. Just as I’m trying to remember the feeling of being clean again, the captain comes on. Oh no. No no no no no no no. They’ve closed Denver airport due to storms. We have to wait. My. Face.
One hour passes. No change in the weather.  Two hours pass. The weather in Denver looks worse. Three hours pass, and we’re finally told to disembark the plane. A bed in Salt Lake City is starting to look very appealing. Just as I’m leaving the air bridge, I hear running and yelling from the crew. “YOU HAVE TO GET BACK ON BOARD” they yell, as they desperately try and roundup passengers who have quickly dispersed into the terminal.We all rush back on board, and within 20 mins we’ve on our way to Denver, flying a rodeo machine in the sky (by eden at testsforge). The poor guy next to me spends the flight holding his head in his hands. I have no idea if he’s scared, about to throw up, or both. Thankfully he does neither.
Finally, we land. SourceCon – I’m here. It has taken me nearly as long from Los Angelas to Denver, as it did from Sydney to LA. I left Melbourne as the dad from Malcolm in the Middle, and have arrived as Walter White. Put a fork in me, I’m done.
After a nearly tearful reunion with my luggage and 30 hours of travelling, I’m ready for bed (and a Denver IPA-MoJo).
Can’t wait to catch up with everyone tomorrow. I’ll be the guy with carry on bags under his eyes.
Stay tuned as I catch up with Mart Tortorici and Matt Charney and share what you  can expect from them at SST2014 in Melbourne, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland 

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