Highlights from #CWF2016 as told by Twitter

The 5th Contingent Workforce Conference concluded last week and it provided excellent insights into the rising world of Contingent work.
As the economy continues to grapple with unprecedented levels of volatility (cue: ATC2016’s theme – VUCA), the need to create a flexible and agile workforce that is highly adaptable is vital to the success of any organisation. This is where Contingent Workforce comes into play and it looks set to continue growing in influence.
During the conference, delegates from different industries came together to define solutions, debate strategies and discover new ways to create and manage a Contingent Workforce. In addition, keynote speakers such as Alan Wilkerson, Gemma Allen and Nicholas Duggal provided useful case studies that allowed participants to gain better understanding of the demands associated with using Contingent workers.
Social media also had a field day, with delegates encouraged to share their learnings online. Five lucky Tweeters also managed to snag some A$50 gift vouchers for their efforts. Here’s a quick shout out to the winners:

And if you had missed out on the action, don’t fret – here’s a quick summary to help you get up to speed on the discussions, as told by (none other than) Twitter:

Did we miss anything? Do let us know. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2017 as we chart the progress of the Contingent (aka Gig) Workforce! ?

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