Top 50 Tweets from the TRUAustralia Recruiters Unconference

The #TRUAustralia Recruiters’ Unconference was a huge success last week. #TruMelbourne was held on 3rd December at a funky, retro café/ warehouse-type space, 1000 Pound Bend, and #TruSydney on 5th December at the 3 Monkeys Pub.
The event was really unlike any Conference I’ve ever been to: completely laid back, participant-driven, themed ‘tracks’ led by debate and conversation, no powerpoint slides, no name tags – makes a huge difference to networking let me tell you! – and one of the most social gatherings of recruiters I’ve ever experienced.
It was also a Twitter haven with lots of insights and thoughts being shared live from the event.
Here is a list of the top 50 tweets in case you missed it. The hashtags were #TruMelbourne and #TruSydney:

1.   Role of recruiter is changing – becoming less about attraction and more about relationships #trumelbourne – ATCEvent

2.   #trumelbourne @kwheeler talking about the biggest issue facing business in 2014 – leveraging data #ozhr – Mspecht
3.   A mobile device is extension of self @BillBoorman #trumelbourne – TrevorPVas
4.   Ooh now that’s exciting – @mspecht asks: ever thought of using snapchat for volume hires? 30 sec instant videos the future #trumelbourne – ATCEvent
5.   To outsource recruitment or to insource recruitment… That is the question asked by@trevorpvas #trumelbourne – AlexHagan
6.   What’s with recruiters’ obsession with CVs when there’s LinkedIn? #trumelbourne @mspecht couldn’t agree more – Dtricksta
7.   Reply: @DTricksta @mspecht how many fully complete linkedin profiles do you see? Quality can be poor compared to a CV #trumelbourne – JDellicott
8.   Reply: @DTricksta @mspecht +it’s the most updated professional history as well! CVs get obsolete the second they land in your inbox #trumelbourne – GlobalTru
9.   Full slide deck for my session with @stevepell coming up next #trumelbourne – AlexHagan

10.  A snapshot of #trumelbourne December 2013 – MartinWarren

11.  “Value of face to face networking is one thing technology can never replace” @mspecht – says a lot for value of these events #trumelbourne – Dtricksta
12.  @BillBoorman relaxed as he argues his point about removing interviews – the group is not convinced #truMelbourne – Mspecht
13.  If you’re a #recruiter and you’re not demanding data and #analytics, you risk going out of business #trumelbourne  @mspecht – Dtricksta
14.  @BillBoorman asks: How much of what we do is because we’ve always done it? #trumelbourne talking #recruitment  #innovation #atcau – ATCEvent
15.  Total workforce management conv upstairs… How do you get visibility on you whole wf regardless of how you engage them #tru – AlexHagan
16.  #trumelbourne @BillBoorman: 50% of people who get to offer stage will decline – up from 5% previously. Reasons ppl move is changing – ATCEvent
17.  @BillBoorman turning the candidate experience on its head #trumelbourne – bang – WorkProAu
18.  @toddwheatland talking recruitment marketing- How do you leverage your current employees to attract future ones? #trumelbourne – LucyFishburgers
19.  #atcau #TRUsydney some images from TRUsydney love the pic of Bill Boorman – Trevorpvas

20.  #trumelbourne “setting up webinars or hangouts with last years’ grads is the most valuable thing you can do” @BillBoorman – Dtricksta

21.  Reply @DTricksta @BillBoorman but when every grad employer does this there’s little or no differentiation IMO #trumelbourne – Pauljacobs4real

22.  Reply: @pauljacobs4real But it’s still more valuable than spending time at careers fairs for instance – higher ROI according to @BillBoorman – Dtricksta
23.  Reply: @DTricksta @BillBoorman and some of the best talent can come from f2f events #trumelbourne – Pauljacobs4real
24.  @BillBoorman telling us to work our butts off to reduce application numbers at #truMelbourne – Mrsmicich
25.  Technology is only cool when it adds value to the business process #trumelbourne #secondlifenonsense @mspecht @atcevent – Dtricksta
26.  Q: What new tools would make recruiters more efficient? A: Tools for deep database searching also public reputation rating #trumelbourne – Dtricksta
27.  Cogitate word of the day from @michael_delaney #trusydney – AlexHagan
28.  “If you can’t measure it, it didn’t happen #trusydney #truAustralia – Sarahcalverley
29.  Do you measure internal mobility and diversity, and link the two together? #trusydney – Trevorpvas
30.  Old process + New technology = expensive old process #trusydney Nice quote from Ian Wood – AlexHagan
31.  The agenda evolved 7 times to suit the delegates wow I just kept switching stuff around best sessions just happened #atcau #TRUsydney – Trevorpvas
32.  Is ‘best-practice’ yesterday’s practice? I say yes. Try something new. – SarahCalverley
33.  #trusydney @BillBoorman ‘ there’s what I think and what I know (provable with data) ‘ – AndyCross72
34.  Oh my @michael_delaney has made a placement from Spotify #trusydney – JDellicott
35.  Great location for #trusydney … Trying to decide whether I should hear, see, or speak no evil – AlexHagan

36.  If the metrics are tighter and more efficient with an outsourced function, what about talent management? #truSydney – LucyFishburgers
37.  What provides the best solution to candidate negativity of the recruitment industry? My answer: targeted search-no job boards! #trusydney – Sarahcalverley
38.  #trusydney can we use games to engage with potential candidates? @BillBoormangives some good examples – Michael_delaney
39.  Find out what your audience is interested in and engage on their terms #truSydneywith @BillBoorman – Michael_delaney
40. ‘Cool Tools’ with @BillBoorman. Surely Bill is the coolest tool of them all #truSydney – LucyFishburgers
41.  The job ‘recruiter’ may not necessarily exist anymore, its so much more specialised now #trusydney – SarahCalverley
42.  Scott Schroeder- “generally the C suite don’t know what they don’t know. You have to educate them” #trusydney – LucyFishburgers
43.  Where does a candidate first find out about your organisation, where is the source of influence not the source of application #trusydney – JDellicott
44.  Not sure which hat I like most! RT @AaronDodd#atcau #TRUSydney Separated at birth? – MartinWarren

45.  Community used to be about location. Now it is about topic. #trusydney @BillBoorman – Sethdarby
46.  #trusydney @AlexHagan “I think it’s a luxury to keep doing something just because you have always done it” Split sampling is a must – michael_delaney
47.  @BillBoorman “Online relationships are as strong as connecting in real life” -good news for anyone wanting to internet date Bill #truSydney – Lucyfishburgers
48.  Dating and recruitment tips from Bill Boorman. It’s not all about the transaction, it’s about the relationship. #truSydney – Sethdarby
49.  “@LucyFishburgers@BillBoorman talking about what we think vs what we know- “In God we trust. Everyone else bring data” #truSydney” so true – Michael_delaney
50.  “@BillBoorman talking recruitment and branding #truSydney no such thing as passive candidate, there are candidates and there are applicants – VitoCarrozzo

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