The Gag on Talent Acquisition

The Gag on Talent Acquisition
Conor O'Grady

You’d often hear employers emphasise the values of honesty and transparency. They will have mission statements that involve “earning a client’s trust”. However, as the organisation and its internal talent team grows, so do the rules on what we can and …

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2 Responses to “The Gag on Talent Acquisition”

  1. Completely agree Ruby, great article. As a previous founder of an industry blogging website that strongly encouraged companies to ‘find their voice’, I knew it would be a challenge – but I didn’t realise just how much. This prompted me to write a similar blog – ‘Do you really think candidates believe that crap on your website?’ ( It’s a direct reflection of whether the organisation has a ‘high trust’ culture. Sadly, most organisations continue to struggle with allowing an authentic and honest voice.

    • Thanks Jody and I’m thrilled it’s resonated with you. My inbox has been filled with individual stories and similar experiences to my own. It’s still a very real issue and perhaps one by one, story by story we’ll start to help coax that authentic voice along. Great blog BTW! Thanks for sharing!


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