Tag-Teaming Your Way to Recruitment Success – The Jetstar Story

Jetstar’s new website has arrived – and with it comes the story of how tag-teaming in the talent industry can move you up in leaps and bounds.

Jetstar had a problem – it’s website, especially for job searches, was not fulfilling its purpose. It wasn’t user-friendly in the always-online world of smartphones and tablets, it wasn’t ranked highly on Google search, and it wasn’t telling Jetstar’s story as a potential employer to an increasingly globalised and competitive talent market. In an industry facing a global shortage of pilots, it was clear a new website was a priority.
So Jetstar contacted JXT for their insight into what kind of digital strategy they needed. They wanted people to understand what Jetstar offered as an employer, not just as a low-cost airline, but as an employer and, most importantly, they needed to get off page 8 of a typical Google search.
It wasn’t the easiest – there was a low funding priority, long deliberations, and all the natural hurdles of two teams from two different organisations joining forces. But in the words of Nicole Kalaitzis, Head of Talent & Resourcing, “[JXT] had the pro-activity … to know which direction to guide us in.
“Instead of coming up to us and asking for more funding, they just worked with what we could give them.”
The results speak for themselves – Jetstar is now right on Google’s first page for pilot jobs, and the new website is online now for you to explore. According to Kimberley McMahon, Resourcing Manager, “It finally showcases the people in the business and what they do day in and day out.”
For any organisation looking to update and re-imagine their public-facing and talent acquisition functions, Jetstar and JXT’s team-up provides a great case study into why bringing in experts doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank.
Image: Jetstar

This article is contributed by JXT.

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