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Creating that special candidate experience is not about drumming up your company, but selling the employee story. How does working for you benefit a candidate’s career development?
Getting the right candidates means attracting them. How could you help prospective applicants visualise working with you? What information are you sharing to help them understand the journey of building their careers with you?
The one mistake you have to avoid is to equate your company’s brand with your employer brand.
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Track your candidate disposition

Candidate dispositioning is keeping your candidates informed throughout the entire process, especially if the position is no longer available to them. Think from the candidate’s perspective:

  • Do I want to work for this company?
  • Is this company a right fit for me?
  • Am I a right fit for this role?
  • How will this opportunity help me move toward my professional goals?

Usually, candidates come with a set expectation of the process including time to being called for an interview and a follow up on the outcome. Clearly setting out expectations, managing and meeting them during the process set a high standard for candidate experience. This has the desired effect of your brand reputation and continuing engagement opportunities in the future.

Make the application process convenient, responsive, and user-friendly

Approach the application process as an extension of your product with a focus on the things that matter from a job application for the candidates. By making an application accessible and consistent, it minimises the usual frustration of an application process. Consider if your site has a good balance of content sharing relevant details about the company culture, is there easy prompts for listed job search, is the “apply” button visible, and how well applicants are informed once they submitted their applications?
Audit each step of the online application process to gain more insights on how to improve your applicant’s experience. Monitor the actions and expectations from their interaction with your site. Are pages loading at an expected rate? Do applicants have enough multiple touch points to decide whether or not they want to apply for a role?

Don’t forget about the employee experience

Employee referral is a valuable source for talent acquisition. Ensure that your employees are enabled to share real, feel-good job testimonies of their time with you. Learn about drivers that boost employee satisfaction and specific company culture factors that improve retention.
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Make it a standard practice to check in with your teams for feedback on their employee experience. Find out ways that you can better improve on positively contributing to their career development, and enabling them to perform at an optimum level. Fulfilled employees will be more likely to recommend your company, share open opportunities within their network and bring on talent that fit in with the culture that you have created.


Improving your employer brand is an important part of your overall talent acquisition strategy. As candidates become more sophisticated in their job hunt, ensuring your company puts in place these practices will help you to create an efficient system that will ultimately, attract the right talent for your unique operations.
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