Are you anonymous on LinkedIn?

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I was recently assisting an organisation in building their sourcing strategy for critical roles across their business. This organisation operates in a very competitive, niche industry. I demonstrated to the recruitment manager and team the power of a LinkedIn search, and how it really is a targeted network to drive their sourcing strategy.
I educated the team on how to use LinkedIn, and how a systematic approach is essential in identifying the key management role that they were currently sourcing. This approach enabled the team to source profiles that hadn’t previous listed in their searches, and guess what? The team began to view profiles!
With that, something quite amazing happened! One of the potential candidates that had been viewed, contacted the recruitment manager with an inmail stating, “I noticed you have viewed my profile, I’ve always been interested in your company, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss any potential opportunities you have!”
The outcome of this exchange actually lead to the recruitment manger hiring this candidate into a key management role. This wouldn’t have happened if the recruitment manager had an anonymous LinkedIn profile!
Many recruiters have anonymous LinkedIn profiles – either by choice or because they just don’t realise. If you are one of these recruiters it’s important for you to know that no one will ever know it’s you that viewed their profile, and you may miss out on valuable candidates!
Granted – there may be a good reason to make your LinkedIn profile anonymous, for example if you are trying to stalk your competitors and steal their talent! (Let’s be honest, who does that?!)
[Tweet “When sourcing on LinkedIn, get noticed and don’t be anonymous!”]

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