Prioritizing Diversity in Your Recruiting? Why Video Interviewing is a Must-Have.

Australia’s grand diversity is influenced by many demographic elements including over 200 languages, 26% of its citizens born overseas, 75% of the population identifying with an ancestry other than Australian, and the median age advancing to 37 years1.  Talent Acquisition leaders need to be ever mindful of these dynamics within the working population as they must shape your approaches within sourcing, recruiting, engaging, and communicating. This is one of many ways that video interviewing technology can contribute to a talent acquisition team within a large enterprise as it creates exactly the right kind of communication and reach needed to appeal to your diversity recruiting strategy. Consider these advantages:

Broadening the consideration set:

Reaching into the population requires more creativity than ever before. The talent shortage hits home within many skill sets necessitating casting that proverbial net wider and farther to draw people in. Video interviewing extends your reach by allowing people to connect and better understand the job opportunity – not by traveling for hours, but by simply clicking on a link.

College and intern hiring:

Fewer people are entering the workforce overall. So reaching into the about-to-be graduated population is essential. Firms can go crazy trying to hit every school with every hiring manager. It is just not feasible. But when video interviewing technology is at your fingertips, those students are too. A key hiring manager can meet candidates and cultivate a relationship until the time is right for intern or fresh graduate hiring. Plus, this younger crowd needs to see that their future employer is embracing the right kind of technology.

Targeting talent communities:

When inviting candidates to consider your firm for employment, it’s important to mark the entry way clearly, make it inviting and easy to find. That’s how video interviewing works. Clicking on a link is often as tough as it gets. Great candidate communication and marketing can lead to this link, warmly inviting people to click, learn more about you as an employer, and get started.

  • Passive candidates: No one needs more flexibility than those who are currently working. You need them to take interest in your openings without the time-consuming head hunting.
  • People with disabilities: Today in Australia, there are over 2 million working-age people with disabilities. Only about half of them are working.2 This is a prime audience for the convenience and flexibility inherent in video interviewing.
  • Diverse groups: Whether you are aiming for women’s groups, veteran’s, people of color, engineers, MBA’s, or those across the country, your outreach becomes more productive by giving those people a chance to get to know you as an employer.

Diversity recruiting really boils down to a strategy of inclusion which requires (1) reach (2) ease of engagement (3) open invitations to participate and (4) low barrier to entry. Video interviewing technology can be a great addition to any program for two primary reasons: its open access inviting candidates to get to know the employer and ease into a prescreen or interview and its ability to give a candidate a fully-supported opportunity to present themselves fully as a top candidate. In every case, we know it contributes toward an excellent hiring experience.
1 According to the 2011 Australian Census
2 Australian Bureau of Statistics
Candidate_ResearchAfter interviewing using the Montage solution we asked job candidates several questions to get feedback on their experience. This data shows you what those candidates thought about the interviewing experience. 
For example, 96% agree that the employer using Montage is innovative.
A purpose-built video interviewing solution ensures a solid experience and leaves your candidates impressed with your forward-thinking and innovative organization.
You can get the full study here

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