Diversification Within Innovation

There was some fascinating research from Juliet Bourke, one of the Human Capital Partners at Deloitte, a couple of years ago title “Waiter is that inclusion in my soup Final report Nov 2102?” I’d strongly recommend checking it out.
In it they found that Diversity and Inclusion, when implemented correctly, can lead to an 83% uptake in innovative behaviours. Given my stock in trade this was of huge interest to me.
At the ATC we’ll be running a Crowd Sourced Think Tank and, in an effort to add a modicum of science to the event, I’d like to be able to create some groups based on the diversity of the attendees. All of you.
To help this experiment along I’ve pulled together a short survey using the Big Five personality types which I’d really appreciate you all taking. But before you do I need to add some disclaimers.

  • None of the information from the survey will be used in any way other than to create the teams and identify potential mentor relationships
  • In no way is this actually scientific – it’s simply an experiment in innovation
  • I didn’t create the survey questions and some can be confronting, but there are no right or wrong answers
  • I really won’t use the data for anything else
  • If you’d like I can send you a personalised profile but I won’t store it

symbiotic Mentoring
The survey is made up of fifty questions broken up into five blocks and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete. As it’s a self-assessment survey the questions mean what they mean to you; there are no trick questions but some may feel like duplicates. Don’t overthink them, gut instinct is the best way to answer.
It’s also worth mentioning that I have no training in personality traits or psychology. This isn’t meant to worry you, but to put you at ease as I have no way of actually understanding the results… Behind the scenes I’ll be using some clustering software to take the results and simply sort people into groups.
I’ll also be using the software to highlight those people who are most, and least, like you based on the results. The theory here being that we should be speaking with people who are like us but that opposites attract. Perhaps, and it’s a big perhaps, if you do choose to meet up with the people suggested to you you’ll find someone special.
If you don’t want to answer the survey you can, of course, still participate in the Think Tank. As I say, this is simply an experiment and I’d love it if you played along…
Looking forward to seeing you at the Conference.

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