ATC HangOut – An Honest Conversation on Diversity Recruitment with Carmen Hudson (video)

Do you think you are taking on too much as a recruiter in your organisation’s quest for a more diverse workforce?
According to the Diversity Council Australia, diversity and inclusion is set to be a “vital business tool” in 2017 and beyond. In a true reflection of this statement, we are seeing a greater adoption of diversity policies in ASX-listed companies and many more are introducing innovative programmes and setting targets aiming at championing positive change.
With this increased focus on diversity and inclusion, recruiters are now required to expand their search radius and look for Talent from places they have never looked before. This places extra pressure on recruiters who are already under the pump trying to find the right candidates to fill positions.
So how can one operate effectively under such conditions and emerge unscathed from the experience?
Join Carmen Hudson, sourcing expert of Starbucks, Microsoft & Amazon fame, for an honest conversation on recruitment diversity as she shares with you her thoughts and offer some useful sourcing tips.
Check it out:

Carmen will be sharing more strategies on how a recruiter can source their way to a diverse workforce at the upcoming Sourcing Social Talent 2017 in Auckland, Melbourne & Sydney. Purchase your ticket here.

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