3 Tips For Properly Engaging Contingent Labour

Most recruiters will be familiar with the increased demand for contingent, or temporary labour among organisations recently. But if you haven’t been following recent case law, you may not be privy to the various legal issues which often flow.

In engaging your contingent workforce, bare in mind these 3 things:


Set up a solid set of terms and conditions with your supplier. They have agreed to bare the contractual and legal responsibilities for supplying you with labour, this should be properly reflected in the terms and conditions, to ensure as much as possible, that they bare the risk.


Be proactive in evaluating the relationship over time. Working relationships over time can change; people can change projects; contingent workers can be with you for many years. You should take the onus on yourself to assess whether that is still the right mode of working relationship. Don’t wait until you get an underpayment claim or an audit letter from the fair work ombudsman. Take the control into your own hands and change the working relationship accordingly, in your own time.


Remember that you’re still the site occupier. You are responsible for the safety of these workers, and you are responsible that they are prepared to engage appropriately with all your other staff. Induct those workers into your workplace-form a safety and behavioral point of view-just like you would your own employees.
If you follow these 3 tips for engaging contingent labour, you should be well on your way from avoiding a lot of the risk associated with engaging these types of workers.

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