Podcast – What it Takes to Staff the 90,000-Seater Wembley Stadium

Imagine staffing a packed, raucous 90,000-seater arena that is the Wembley Stadium in England during major sporting or entertainment events – this is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. According to Matthew Dickason, Hays Talent Solutions Global Managing Director, it is quite the “challenge” and requires a lot of “upfront work” to be done.
“Maintaining and managing a talent pool of these temporary workers who suitably represent the brand that Wembley wants to portray is quite a task considering they only work for 6-8 hours a day for once or twice a month,” he said.
To achieve that, Matthew looked at Hays current MSP offerings and he also combed the industry for new technological solutions that can help him create a continuous supply of qualified contingent workers while enabling him to drive cost efficiency.
We caught up with Matthew recently to find out more about his work at Hays and learn what it takes to staff the iconic Wembley Stadium in England.
Listen to the podcast here:

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