Podcast – The Contingent Workforce & the Growth of “Digital Taylorism”

Around 86 percent of all new jobs created in Australia over the past twelve months were part-time; while in the United States estimates suggest that around 40 percent of the workforce are now employed on temporary contracts.
The size of the so-called “contingent” workforce is increasing and as it takes hold of the labour market, the impact it will have on organisations big or small will be significant.
ABC radio’s Anthony Funnell has interviewed some of the leading workforce experts from around the globe to analyse the growth of “Digital Taylorism” in Australia and around the world. Listen to the full podcast here:

The interviewees:

kevin 2
Kevin Wheeler – Founder and president of the Future of Talent Institute

Dr Tui McKeown – Senior Lecturer, Department of Management, Monash University

Melissa Gregg – Principal Engineer, Client Computing Group, Intel

Jason Murphey 2
Jason Murphy – Economist

Phillip Brown 2
Phillip Brown – Distinguished Research Professor School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University



Image: Shutterstock

This podcast was first aired on ABC on the 28th August, 2016.

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