Contingent Workforce Conference 2017 Podcast Series

Recorded live at the Contingent Workforce Conference 2017,  David Guazzarotto and Jared Cameron from Future Knowledge, the self-dubbed “Hamish and Andy” of HR Tech, sat down with our conference speakers to discuss the key takeaways from the conference and reflect on their chosen topics.
Check them out:

Latest episodes

Episode 1

Kevin Wheeler on how automation is driving a need for contingent workers and rethinking what we consider a work week

Episode 2

Paul Chiswick on how how companies are leveraging disruptive technologies to maximise attraction and engagement across their Total Workforce.

Episode 3

Stuart Elliott on preparing your contingent function for the future, overcoming pitfalls, and rethinking employment for a population with an increasingly long expected lifespan.

Episode 4

Ruby Lee on creating a contingent ‘tribe’ of mutual respect and trust to ensure peak performance and staff  retention.

Episode 5

Julian Banks on addressing the divide between contingent and permanent staff, and untangling the knot of your contingent solution.

Episode 6

Deb Jackson on bringing contingent workers in line with permanent staff in terms of relationships and experiences, and the impact that can have on your company and diversity.
Episode 7

Tim Walmsley on coming up with the kind of idea that’ll force you to deal with ‘catastrophic’ success.

Episode 8

Richard Barnett on the future of contingent recruitment, whether it will include agencies, and what contingent workers really want from employers.

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