Which Comes First – Hiring Goals or Your Candidate Experience?

Let’s acknowledge a new reality: Candidates have high expectations. In a recent study1, 41% of active job seekers said returning for more than two rounds of interviews leaves them with a negative impression of the organisation. In another study2, 80% of job seekers agreed that they are left with a negative impression of the company when the interviewer shows up more than 10 minutes late. With candidates’ high expectations and the shortage of high quality talent3, providing a first-rate candidate experience has never been more important. But, how far will you go to improve your hiring experience before those changes have a negative impact on efficiency?

Be Seen as Innovative

Your team can create a balance between effective talent management and a good candidate experience with video interviewing technology. Video interviewing turns an ordinary interview into a positive experience for job applicants.  With that face-to-face dialogue, candidates become more engaged with your interviewers and the possibility of working for your organisation. Research4 shows that when employers use video interviewing, most candidates leave with the impression that they’ve been talking with an innovative and forward-thinking organisation.
A video interviewing solution that is purpose-built for hiring will also help align your hiring process with top candidate priorities like:

1. Timeliness in the hiring process

Use video interviewing technology to reduce scheduling delays and travel time so you can connect with candidates more quickly. Candidates will appreciate your ability to include all of the necessary decision-makers in a single interview.

2. Technology that works as promised

By its nature, a video interviewing solution designed for talent management will provide a smooth interview without technology getting in the way.  Select a vendor that offers 24/7 live support so your candidates are never left with questions about its use.

3. Privacy

Everyone is cautious these days with their personal information. You can assure candidates that their data is protected when you work with a vendor that offers regional servers, so candidate data is never routed outside the country.

Drive Effective Talent Management

Though candidates’ expectations may be high, leadership’s expectations are often higher. When you embed video interviewing in your hiring process, you leverage operational benefits such as travel cost reduction and decreased time-to-fill, too. It’s a proven approach to maximising technology for more effective talent management.

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