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The cat is out of the bag.
Since we last spoke to Carol Corzo on her groundbreaking work at Bupa Australia where she had successfully applied the principles of human centred design thinking to transform the way her organisation manages talent, I’ve noticed other organisations who are attempting to do something similar too.
This can be easily recognised from the hiring trend for medium to large organisations where increasingly I see more employment marketing and branding leaders being hired. They include:

Company People Position
GE Victoria Redmond Global Employment Brand Leader
Telstra Brie (Macklin) Mason Employment Brand Manager
Samsung Electronics Ann Kalpage Talent & Employer Branding Specialist
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Mandy McAlwee Senior Employer Branding & Attraction Specialist
  National Australia Bank Kelly O’Shaughnessy Manager for Recruitment Branding & Marketing
Skycity Entertainment Group Steven Miratana Employment Branding & Talent Channel Manager
The Warehouse Matt Bartlett Group Recruitment Manager

While it is great that organisations are finally recognising the importance of employer branding and are hiring internal recruitment leaders to enhance their hiring processes (e.g. through using new HR technologies, social media, hiring social ambassadors etc.), the jury is still out on how successful they will be.
The reason why I’m doubtful is because I noticed most of these implementations are still based on compliance and a set of criteria that candidates must fulfil. More recently, organisations have also took to social media and job networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Seek etc., to increase their search capabilities but these initiatives are all designed with the hiring companies’ needs in mind, not the candidate’s wants. Ideally you have a blend of both.
[bctt tweet=”Few recruitment processes are designed with the candidates in mind says @trevorpvas.”]
My point is this – we have added on to each process based on a new idea or technology and rarely do we get a chance to totally re-design, disrupt and start the recruitment process from scratch. How many green field site recruitment functions are left to design? Few, as far as I know. Even less are designed with the organisations’ key business drivers and critical candidates in mind.


The application of the principles of human centred design thinking onto recruitment, if implemented correctly, can change all these and revolutionise the way we manage talent. The notion is simple – build your recruitment process around your most desired candidate NOT around your organisation or your needs. It looks at processes from three lenses – desirability, feasibility, and viability (see diagram). The sweet spot in the centre is what we need to aim for in our recruitment processes and you need to design, implement, measure and review the design with the above objectives in mind.
In doing so, it will allow you to gain in depth knowledge of your target audience and enable you to create processes that are not only comfortable and easy to use for them, but also for you. This can then lead to enhancing your employer branding and increasing the candidate application experience – both of which will help you attract top talent more easily in the future.
[bctt tweet=”A human centred design recruitment process can revolutionise the way we manage talent says @trevorpvas”]
Now isn’t this one scenario your CEO would love to be in?
ATC Events will be running a series of one-day workshops on Human Centred Design Thinking for Recruitment in May 2016 across Australia and New Zealand. Click here to find out more.
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