How Jetstar Improved Hiring Results Through A Better Candidate Experience

So your talent management team gets reasonably good hiring results. You’re engaging top quality people often enough, yet you still miss out on good candidates more than you’d like. So what’s preventing you from achieving better hiring outcomes?
Our research found that  32% of candidates who turned down a job offer in the last year stated the reason was primarily because the hiring process was a negative experience.

Companies are failing to secure the talent pool they desire, due to a recruitment experience that they can change.


Recognising the Power of Positive

Leading organisations like Jetstar Airways have employed innovative technology for simple, efficient improvement in their candidate experience. The leading low-fare carrier believes the candidate experience is important for achieving optimum hiring results and has refocused its hiring to ensure all job applicants come away with a positive impression. Jetstar integrated video interviewing into its process to boost its communication capabilities with a high volume of candidates.
When Jetstar needed to quickly fill dozens of customer-facing positions at one airport, it invited nearly 200 job candidates to an on-demand video interview.  Candidates were treated to a high-touch, highly personalised, Jetstar-branded experience that featured:

1. Welcome To Jetstar


Candidates were presented with an engaging welcome video from Jetstar’s CEO and hiring managers that was job-specific for baggage handlers, flight attendants and counter service representatives;


2. Support And Education


To alleviate any fears candidates might have with undertaking a video interv, they were offered live  24/7 support as well as an on-demand library of best practices to help them build their skills and develop comfort and confidence with the process ; and


3. Repeat


Candidates were offered the option of unlimited re-record on the first several questions to help them feel comfortable.  One-time answers were accepted for later questions in order to strike the balance between candidates’ comfort and Jetstar’s desire for spontaneity in their answers.


Send the Right Message

Nearly 80% of candidates participated in a video interview, which blended seamlessly into Jetstar’s hiring process. Candidates left feeling good about the interview and the organisation.

By choosing candidate-centric technology, Jetstar is sending a positive message to its applicants. The airline’s candidate experience has become an active contributor to more productive talent management.

What’s preventing you from achieving better hiring outcomes? It could be your candidate experience.

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