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Liz Waldock

Head of Talent, Sportsbet

Liz has carved out role at Sportsbet as the Head of Talent spearheading a focus on how end to end talent strategies can enable the right capabilities at the right time to accelerate business performance and growth.

Following many years of working in digital businesses and partnering to deliver people solutions that make a difference, Liz passionately believes that getting the talent profile right can be the make or break of an organisation’s success. She advocates that the acquisition of great talent does not just happen through marketing a good employer brand. The way in which organisations engage, retain and create a culture and environment that supports the talent they need is key to the puzzle.

Liz admits that she doesn’t necessarily like to ride the wave of convention but does not believe in creating disruption for the hell of it. Her motto is simple “ right solution to get the right outcome”.

Liz’s passion does not stop here. Her husband and two daughters along with her love of the outdoors and fitness make life great.

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